The galleries assembled here present a sampling of my work loosely collected under eight different headings.  Some are ongoing small projects that I keep adding to when the opportunity presents itself.

west coast:  Denmark’s west coast is a wild and wonderful place.  300 km of coast exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and its temperament.  In places you drive on the beach.  In part it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in some areas the left-overs of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall, the defensive concrete structures built along the coast to repel an Allied invasion that never came.  Windy, wild and wonderful.

architecture:  I seek out particular fragments of great architecture when I travel.  This has been an ongoing project for a long, long time.  I am drawn to great modernist masters, such as Mies and Corbu, but equally those that came after.  I seek out these great structures and try to absorb the aura and when I am lucky capture it on film.

human-scapes:  Little remains of the raw origins of our planet.  Most every bit of landscape has some kind of human imprint.  I like the middle distance where nature and man meet in some semblance of harmony.  Great examples are everywhere.  Not all work on film, but some – I think – do.

public sculpture:  Public access to great sculpture and how we interact with it is fascinating.  Some stand back in reverence and allow space between them and the work, others – often children – have no hang-ups or learned respect and see an object for play and fun.

henry moore:  Collecting places where Henry Moore sculptures are accessible to the public has been a passion for years.  I seek them out, and if I can I find a way to make a photograph, I try to do so.  If I think they are successful, they show up here.

alone:  Single figures in an environment can be loaded with meaning, when you set the frame and make the image.  Sad, introspective, melancholy, happy, distressed…. it is for the viewer to decide and interpret.  It is only for me to make the image and place it here.

together:  Interplay between people in a space is in some ways the opposite of ‘alone’.  I make my story, the one seeing the photograph for the first time can make their story, and maybe a second story, if coming back for another look.

white-on-white:  Light really comes into play when the photograph is something that should not be possible to photograph, because it is only white.  But thankfully, shadows allow the black and white photographer to capture not the white-on-white, but the effect of light and shadow on textures, patterns and works of art.

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Enjoy and thank you for your visit!