The great photographer Frank Horvat was asked to prepare a show of his life’s work, he had the following to say: ‘I am at the age when one looks back and tries to make sense of it all. I had the luck to take photographs for almost 70 years, in a period when the world changed more than in any comparable time span….To photograph many subjects, from different viewpoints and with different techniques. My eclecticism had it’s drawbacks. Some questioned my sincerity. Some found that my photos were hard to recognize, “as if they were by 15 different authors”. This is why I went through my work….., searching for a common denominator. I didn’t find one – but 15. Running (more or less) through all those years. I called them keys.’

Looking at my own work, I too see certain subjects that I am attracted to. You may call them keys or themes. I have chosen six broad headings, and a seventh that I call the others contains images I like that do not easily fit under one of the broad headings. Please enjoy!

In all the billions of photographs that are taken each day, I am thrilled you are looking at a few of mine!